There is an old saying “The kind of food you eat will affect health in general.” As for the land that add up to 80% of their weight gain sustenance to their inclinations.

Several donors have an inactive form of life, a movement without organization assistance, lack of sleep, nervousness, misery and sometimes hormonal irregularities. Surprisingly, this group of critical variables covers only 20% of the issue price.

Just think:

What you put in your mouth is far more essential in terms of weight reduction, welfare and development of life. More than four times, really. Otherwise.

This standard is widespread. There is no difference in the likelihood that you’re a man or a woman. That includes you.

Yes, you (actually under 7%) as hormone disturbances fat stores quickly cases.



These and to set the most of the other social issues protection are included in the terrible life. The gym is ridiculously easy, Relax and enjoy. Hallucinate, but about 92% of people who start to lose fat, miserable throw your hands in the first two weeks. Why? They have a wrong and harmful claim size is somewhat problematic, alarming and nauseating and is not for them. Anyway, it’s nonsense.

Do not smoke discombobulation on a treadmill or doing 700 push-ups a week.


Your first step is to take a walk in a neighborhood Burger King or McDonalds and fill yourself with more sandwich like forever. With large fries and a measure cold cola (I’m not a clown).

At that time, at home … and feel the satisfaction of the fluids which pass through the body. the extraordinary work!
Your weight loss started recently. Enjoy the comfort of your chair and shine inside you and continue reading this article …

Digestion: The best friend or worst enemy?

We need to deepen the process of how the body converts food and liquids resulting from the mouth to the stomach, vitality. This is known as a digester. digestive changes more protein, carbohydrates and fats legitimate work in energy for your body. Much easier: digestive system is the ability of your body to provide vitality. This brings us to the point: The motivation principle of the food they eat is to have the vitality of life. We eat to live and not vice versa. Consider this clear directive to his lips in a soft cookie.

How to lose weight?

As indicated by a search late 2015 Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research, efficient digestive system could effectively prevent fat loss. The faster metabolism, it is expected that less time to change the calories yet vitality and therefore in shape.


In each case:

80% increase of the fat by the digestive system. It is due to their eating habits. The remaining 20% ​​is given for the lack of development, peace, stress, hormonal influences and disturbing yes, moderate digestive system. When the throat, return digestion system the ability to manage the epidemic of mad supply calories. Random he did not, he would be burned by the enormous amount of heat in the wake of the food.

Therefore, the calories can not be used for the main movement thusly stored in your gut, butt and thighs.

In each case:

You can give your body a little help in the conversion of calories into energy and get much faster. You only need certain procedures weight reduction in your diet to eating routine pill. They are very easy to maintain. Know and practice, you can lose as much weight as needed.

Six powerful techniques that increase your weight loss

1. Stop counting calories – Spring healthy place to eat calories numbering is the most extraordinarily bad weight reduction strategy that is available to you when trying to lose stubborn fat.

It is almost difficult number of calories per day assessed by measurement of the movement of the day. For example, I need 2,500 calories per day, while you only need 1800. It is based on a variety of variables. Metabolism is the most critical of them.

Keep that in mind:

70% of the calories per day of uptake in the heart, maintain the liver, the cells and the organs are still used.

20% is used for the development of, for example, a walk or stand.

10% of the calories are used to separate the proteins, fats, and carbohydrates (thermic effect of food).

It is the nutritionist ready to let you know exactly what the number of calories used for any other procedure? In no way, shape or form.

Calories keep forgetting people to work by all means.

Imagine burning through terrible 60 minutes on a treadmill to 400 calories absurd (a Big Mac is about 2000 calories) burn. Finally, it will stop then:

Which greatly enhanced the modification of fixed dinners that do not bother with calorie control.

2. Balances and mirrors Lie, no pictures

At this time, you need to stop measuring you to scale and take a look in the mirror. No scale you find to give a representation of the object thereof.

Why? 1 pound of fat more than 1 pound of muscle is greatly changed. 1 pound of fat more than 1 pound of muscle
It is more important for people who turn to fat loss while collecting muscles. When in the mirror once a day, you begin to believe weight loss drops that there is no progress in reducing the weight by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, it is because your mind is accustomed to the current image and can not remember what you saw even five days earlier.
That can never mislead your camera.


Under keeping momentum, you need to take a photo of yourself 2 times per week. To begin, however, seem silly or unnecessary can only until you captured the true primary improvement in each picture.omelette

3. Five small meals per day

This strategy is essential. We need to reverse the digestion. As we said, 10% of the vitality to eat every day for treatment of the food itself. It’s called thermic effect of food. In the middle of each intake meal, measuring the vitality that is used for the treatment, is virtually the same. Surprisingly, however, is:

A difference in the possibility that you have some cheesecake (500 calories) and a Big Mac (2000 calories) Eat not to worry, the thermal effect (measuring the vitality you need to burn) is completely identical. When the daily intake breaks into 5-6 segments instead slightly larger 2-3 three winged animals are slain with a bang (9-10 ounce other hand, each 250 g.) Your body burns 2-3 times more energy (fat count set) for treatment. A normalize metabolic reactions so that the following food intake faster. An insulin levels to the same level implies maintaining the control of the production of fat cells. It is safe to say that you are confused about where to get to 5-6 segments per day?
It is, basically, you can cook once for 2-3 days and fill your fridge with support for each recording (in plastic containers). Again, it is clearly necessary to deceive you something like chips or a cookie to eat. Which is good. However, that you are in the habit of eating smaller divisions. What to do cakes or cookies less damage to their small form 2-3.

4. Focus on what you eat

As official said, You are what you eat. Want to be a shabby box full of waste and toxins? Probably not!


You can not let the poor eat boring food supplements her. Be lucky diet alive and rich as to be different as could reasonably be expected – full of protein, carbohydrates, moderate in his fat, vitamins and minerals. Stop eating out, consist, in particular oil-scorched. In case you do not know how to cook (or preferred), you have to learn. Google is loaded with solid and delicious formulas. In the event that you are trustworthy, the skills you are able to achieve baking a level of expertise. We can talk for a considerable period of time about what you should eat or not to get thinner and maintain results. Happy: There are a few simple principles that should be taken after obtaining the best results.

5. Five golden rules of nutrition

Start to think that “everything is managed before.” Examples: A whole orange juice and orange advantageously box is preferred. mashed potatoes is more advantageous than the fries (but worse than one heated). chicken house exceeds all McNuggets. Escaping items with sugar (in any case, after 13 hours) and stick to the GI starch “moderate” weak.
They are: oats, buckwheat, wheat, quinoa, rice chestnuts. These livelihoods are best for breakfast because they give a lot of vitality, gradual process, and are packed with fiber and mandatory supplements (vitamins A, B1, B3, B6, potassium, P). Also some olive or linseed oil (and berries or nectar raw oats and rice cocoa) for better taste. Stick to items packed with protein. The most basic motivation why more protein (turkey, chicken, beef reinforced grass and milk, eggs, cottage cheese) to eat is, again, the digestive system. For treating burn and 1 g of protein 2.5 to a greater number of calories than the brightness 1 g of carbohydrate. In addition, the proteins may form muscle tissue. If you have more muscle, which requires more stamina to keep, whether it is very casual (what we call the basic digestive system).

Stick to solid fats sources. Today, afraid to eat fat people because they confuse oils fats stored in tissues.

oliveOlive oil – natural source of omega amino acids

It is a terrible error in judgment: Articles with omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids solid, such as salmon, nuts, olive oil and flaxseed oil can not make weight.

Supporting the body with solid acids that are essential for the mandatory options. These are simple carbohydrates such as sugar, white corn, agave nectar and a type of fat called trans fat prepared (battle to ban trans fats) are found in the tissue cells as fat.

Like this: And we need eat more points with polyunsaturated and monounsaturated features. Water is the most effective way in order to avoid adding grease gun. Drink at least 20 glasses of water daily. It is never too much. pop drinks (even diet pop food) are not what we are discussing. Exchange for the water quickly, because they are loaded with sugar and calories just changed effective moisture loss and fat. Also, again: Focus on what you eat.

6. Concentrate why food

Some try to get in better shape, this method is most critical. It’s for men and women to eat in, not physical.
They consider the livelihood primarily as a drug or a non-permanent answer to their people problems (sadness, nervousness and restlessness) caused by conditions or compounds with regard to money, for example. To be sure, support can serve the individual species as deeply addictive drugs, to facilitate the making of the arrival of serotonin (the hormone of happiness) and passionate torment. The researchers realize that. This is why strong individuals no more weight and hunger are placed for more food. All they do is to expand the “dose”. In the event that you:

You can go really offer help nutritionist recommended an agreement or weight loss. The answer to the problem is in you. You need nothing more than the basis of their desire to do frankly discuss. Continue this consultation presenting the food. Train your self-control and the issue will leave thusly independently of any other person. In case he does, he discovers a specialist or to think about getting a suppressor competent gluttony. In addition to your weight loss a boost, there is a bonus point help your weight loss 201.680% of your weight problem is absolutely binge eating and poor livelihood management and beverage consumption, not the lack of movement or having a sedentary lifestyle. So, by changing their diet is a wonderful place to start getting the right approach. Moreover, on the chance that you can not otherwise imagine that will certainly lose a lot of weight in the long term after the above procedures.
The question is, is it enough for people who really need to lose a ton of weight (over 60 pounds) fast? In general, the answer is no.

Why is it so problematic?

Since, surprisingly, 87% of people do not have enough self-control to keep from falling. Also, while eating food is the answer, a thinner durable moderate with a long procedure each time. On top of that: In case you had a feeding regime is a long way from the hygiene, chances are you have your digestion too exhausted. Moreover, on the chance that you have a weak digestive system, not come soon enough. If you do not lose the same weight as you like, you can lose the inspiration, or worst, delivery and supply to fat for the rest of his life, which is a terrible position to be in, I would say it is not? I ask myself regularly: What I write for people who need extra support in the autumn of fat and usually suggests that the best safety on the stabilization supplement Unfortunately, I saw available, which is PhenQ.
PhenQ is extraordinary given that it allows you to burn calories more quickly through your digestive system while stifling whim, so you do not have nearly as many feel the urge to eat because it is much easier to appropriate. Further comprising: In the same way, it makes it harder for your body fat, which means that more fat is shed for you, obviously to save.